Экспертный подход к организации мероприятий Сочи, Геленджик, Анапа, Краснодарский край
Наталье Тарасовой и команде «Фордевинд»

Наталье Тарасовой и команде «Фордевинд»

Lailvaux Andrew, TEAM Russkie Company

The event went very well from my point of view. As you and I discussed in detail in the office, it is a very good learning for next year — we are confident there will be much more business — and a more complex project to manage.

A brief summary of Natasha. She was very eager to learn and understand the difference between a FIFA event and «normal projects». She is a quick learner and very thorough.

• Services were reconfirmed and reconfirmed to avoid any service issues.
• Last minute/late bookings were handled very quickly.
• Hosts were briefed, provided with TEAM Russkie shirts and dress code and I know there were calls to check they were on time and where they should be.
• Signage was printed and laminated as requested.
• Driver and vehicle details were provided to us to share with TEAM Russkie Project Managers and Customers.
• I was in contact with Natasha in the early hours of the morning some days and other times late into the night. Every message or call was answered immediately so I have no idea when she slept!
• Translation for me was done more than a few times – which was hugely valuable and much appreciated.
• Invoices were received in good time and I know she also followed up for payment.

The service we received from Natasha was perfect. Everything we asked for was done — and with a smile. Her willingness to assist was fantastic and I honestly could not have asked for a better person to work with. Please hang onto her for next year!

My experience (and TEAM Russkie) in Sochi for FCC2017 was excellent and I’d like to say thanks again to yourself, Natasha and her colleagues for making me feel «at home» in your office.

We will be in touch and will let you know when we plan to come back to Sochi to plan for 2018.

4 июля 2017